Our work:

making a difference


Sustainable Products

From waste to value

Inspired by the principles of zero-waste, ViaTalenta Collections is a sustainable, luxury product line that combines economic development with sustainable supply chains, talent development and materials science in a traceable, responsible manner.


Sports, Health Care & Wellness

A race for health

Sports are an effective tool to positively impact both the individual and society as a whole. It brings people together and pushes us to be our best, while improving our health and general wellbeing.


Education & Outreach

Creating opportunities for all

We need to create an educational environment that not only promotes individual talents, but that prepares students for jobs that have not yet been created, for technologies that have not yet been invented to solve problems that have not yet been explored without forgetting where we come from.



Art that matters

ImpactArt refers to any art that links back to the fundamental human stories, as well as to all things sustainable, through the materials used, where and how the artist lives and who their audience is. ImpactArt seeks to promote art as an inclusive and educational part of society.

We are always looking for new interesting projects. Contact us if your project or organisation is  in one of our focus areas and actively contributes to our purpose.