Our purpose:
To protect and enhance
the human condition.

Who we are

As a family, we have always aspired to create a world where talented individuals can thrive and collaborate to deliver extraordinary results. ​

For generations, we have created, developed and engaged in what we today call impact and philanthropy. From driving environmental sustainability and bringing food security and health care to the underserved to, more recently, engaging in developing clean energy, educating the next generation to become global citizens with a sustainability mindset and providing access to the world of art for those who have no easy way to engage. ​

Our aim is to support the economic and social development of communities by providing them with the tools, networks, platforms and support individuals need to thrive.

We seek to leave a better world for generations to come.

Our work:
making a difference


Sustainable Products

From waste to value

Inspired by the principles of zero-waste, ViaTalenta Collections is a sustainable, luxury product line that combines economic development with sustainable supply chains, talent development and materials science in a traceable, responsible manner.


Sports, Health Care & Wellness

A race for health

Sports are an effective tool to positively impact both the individual and society as a whole. It brings people together and pushes us to be our best, while improving our health and general wellbeing.


Education & Outreach

Creating opportunities for all

We need to create an educational environment that not only promotes individual talents, but that prepares students for jobs that have not yet been created, for technologies that have not yet been invented to solve problems that have not yet been explored without forgetting where we come from.



Art that matters

ImpactArt refers to any art that links back to the fundamental human stories, as well as to all things sustainable, through the materials used, where and how the artist lives and who their audience is. ImpactArt seeks to promote art as an inclusive and educational part of society.

We are always looking for new interesting projects. Contact us if your project or organisation is in one of our focus areas and actively contributes to our purpose.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain


Forum des Fondations 2019

Tue. 01. Oct. Lausanne

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Bal de la Fondation Collège Champittet 2019

Sat. 23. Nov. Lausanne

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Key people

Christina-Anne Kyosti


As Chairwoman, Christina provides the strategic direction for the Foundation and acts as its main spokesperson. She also brings leadership through her direct engagement with the teams and participants in our programmes. Her main focus area within the Foundation are Collections and the Sports, Health Care & Wellness programmes.

Giulio Pauen

Family Council Member

As a member of the Family Council, Giulio is actively involved in the Foundation by developing and participating in programmes targeted at young people, STEAM and education. Within the Foundation, Giulio focuses primarily on Sports as a route out of poverty and to enable food security.

Giovanni Pauen

Family Council Member

As a member of the Family Council, Giovanni is actively involved in the Foundation by developing and participating in programmes targeted at children, sustainable products and education. Within the Foundation, Giovanni focuses on developing environmental sustainability content for primary school children as part of our Education programmes.

Olalla Linares-Segade

Member of the Executive Committee

As a member of the Foundation’s Executive Committee, Olalla manages the programme portfolio and the teams. She also works closely with our collaborators, volunteers and partners to achieve our purpose and maximise our impact across the portfolio. Within the Foundation, she focuses primarily on Collections, Education and ImpactArt.

Gilles T. Lacombe

ImpactArt Lead

As the ImpactArt Lead, Gilles leverages his three decades of experience as a visual artist, filmmaker, scenographer and sculptor to help identify and support new talents. He also ensures that the objectives, awareness and sustainability of ImpactArt programmes are achieved.

Karoliina Valkamo

Collections Co-Lead


As the Collections Co-Lead, Karoliina focuses on developing our jewellery designs and artisan programmes in Myanmar and Singapore. She works closely to promote the work of local craftsmen and smiths through educational and local economic development programmes, providing job opportunities and facilitating the dialogue between young designers and artisans.

ViaTalenta Foundation

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