Sustainable Products

From Waste to Value

Inspired by the principles of zero-waste, ViaTalenta Collections is a luxury product line that combines economic development with sustainability, green supply chains, talent development and materials science in a traceable, responsible manner.

The first collection will be launched in 2019-2020 under the theme of “Ocean Treasures”, and it will include fish leather products and pearl jewellery. The products are developed in collaboration with young international designers, artisans in deprived areas such as Myanmar, and European craftsmen in the South of Spain, material researchers and community organisations.

With these collaborations we seek to support talent while cultivating and preserving traditional craftsmanship, repurposing waste materials, and promoting the use of alternative and sustainable materials within the luxury fashion industry.

Benefits from the sell of these products will be reinvested in the ViaTalenta Foundation project of the buyer’s choice.